Health & Welfare Plan

To be eligible for health and welfare benefits, a participant must have earned at least ten years of service under the Teamsters Joint Council 53 Pension Benefit Program and worked in covered employment under that Pension Benefit Program after having attained age 50.

Coverage can commence no earlier than age 55 or when the member retires, whichever is last to occur. If the member is married, benefits are also provided to the retired member’s spouse. The retired member (and spouse, if applicable) must pay a portion of the monthly cost for this coverage that approximates 15% of the cost in the case of the retired member and 25% of the monthly cost for that of the spouse. These amounts are adjusted annually by the Retirement Committee.

Medical coverage for retired members and spouses who have not attained age 65 or who are not otherwise eligible for Medicare coverage is provided through a Blue Cross PPO program. For those 65 years and older, enrollment in Medicare is required, and the Fund provides supplemental coverage to cover the Medicare deductible and 20% coinsurance.

Prescription drug, dental and vision coverage are also provided to the eligible retired member and spouse. The coverage for those under age 65 and those over age 65 is the same.

For more detailed information about coverage provided under the Fund’s Health and Welfare Benefit Program, please refer to the Summary Plan Description. Click here for access to the Summary Plan Description and click here for the Summary of Material Modifications.